Thumbs Up

I’m a better person than you
I’ve got more Facebook likes
My thumbs are aligned like a row of spikes
That I doubt you’ll ever outdo

The photos of what I recently ate
Are brilliant beyond compare
My friends cannot remove their stare
From the entree on my plate

I recently lodged an interesting post
Of a cat that gulped a pickle
It stood up straight and began to jiggle
Before chundering on my toast

The reaction went wild on the nightly news
To my entertaining thought bubble
I proudly stroked my 6 o’clock stubble
Content with my skill to amuse

I’m thirsty now and would like a drink
Perhaps with hash tag Clive
He gave me a like in 2005
So perhaps I’ll check his link

It says he died three years ago
Well, time to make amends
I’ll remove him from my list of friends
And search for another bro

It’s 3 am, I’m getting bored
I’ll better check my views
I want to avoid getting the blues
So I’ll see if I’m still adored

I check my page many times a day
To reveal my thumbs up stats
And look for funny videos of cats
That I can re-post along the way

It’s all about the “likes” amount
If you want to play the game
I’ve just been voted into the hall of fame
Oops, I’m logged into my wife’s account