A Life of Exercise

Imagine if Beethoven was a gym junkie
Draped in active wear; real funky
Not a moment spare to derive
Such a symphony as number five

Or perhaps if Leo Tolstoy
Pumped iron with little joy
Avoiding to become obese
Never finishing War and Peace

And maybe if Michael Angelo
Ran marathons with headset audio
Wearing sneakers commercially labelled
Forgetting to chisel naked David

Spare time replete with only exercise
Is a certain recipe for the demise
Of outcomes enhancing our culture
Based on music, words and sculpture

Healthy body and healthy mind
Does not require the exercise bind
Where brawn develops over brain
Resulting in a creative drain

Focusing on a fitness regime
As the only way to let off steam
Muffles the objective of creative dreams
Unimportant to many it seems

You can be fit but unhealthy
Just like being unhappy but wealthy
But exercise alone
Results in a life coloured monotone

For me it’s a matter of life balance
It’s not just about treadmill madness
On a Sunday go to church, sing a hymn
For the other six days, Zumba at the gym