Blue Friend

My wife has found a new companion
No longer me, the old grey stallion
She goes to bed with him every night
And greets him again at morning light

At first I thought his name was Clive
But it turned out to be the iPhone 5
Tethered together like a feeding drip
Similar to twins joined at the hip

I’ve recently developed a mild affection
For the iPhone 5 screen reflection
It’s blue light cast upon her face
Means she’s connected to cyberspace

It confirms to me that she’s still alive
And I can meet with friends and jive
As long as she’s reading her Facebook page
I’m temporarily free from my domestic cage

I do enjoy the morning news
That she announces to amuse
Of Donald Trump’s latest antics
Of building a wall against Hispanics

As we eat our breakfast crepe
She continues like a ticker tape
To show me funny animal videos
Helping me digest my Cheerios

When lunch arrives it’s time for more
Yet another humorous encore
Direct from the US president’s office
A press leak from Donald’s orifice

This news feed continues throughout the day
Like a gradually filling ashtray
She needs to enroll in a class detox
And free herself from this little box

A security blanket, her blue little friend
A partner in crime till the end
Her addiction is going to be hard to fix
She’s now nagging me for an iPhone 6