Accounting 101

Woke up this morning with my trial balance out
I knew I had a problem, but with which account
Was it her asset or my current liability
Perhaps my journal entry suffers credibility

She always said that I had too many debits
And I’m sick of replying “stop taking all my credits”
She needs to get back to her side of the ledger
So we can perform a double entry together

Last night’s invoice was just so so
It lacked a little bit of matching P.O.
Do we try again in 7 days?
Or wait until we have an equity raise

If cash is considered a liquid asset
Her wealth is as dry as a toasted baguette
I’ll offer her some of my growing surplus
An income injection, no need to purchase

I’ll show my profit if she shows her loss
This will give our partnership a bit more gloss
Let’s eliminate our equity grievances
By playing a bit more with our account receivables

But if we can’t agree to balance the books
We’ll need to meet with some laundering crooks
To give us advise on some alternative means
To put life back into our financial jeans

They suggested we buy some negative gear
And steal some funds from our petty cashier
Then travel the world to find a black market
And buy a scheme from under the carpet

This adventure now is only a dream
I’ve discovered a problem with my revenue stream
My door’s had a knock from the grim reaper
And I need to meet with the local bookkeeper

There is good news, all is okay
He discovered a way to increase my pay
My revenue stream is now full bore
And our financial position has the perfect score