Miracle Cream

I’m going to invent a miracle cream
A new formulation, a woman’s dream
It will be made from the latest fonts
Guaranteed to get that “oh yea” response

I’ll start the task with a fresh clean slate
Then with pencil and paper I’ll create
Combinations of random words
Simulating the language of chemistry nerds

When I’ve created something unique
With syllables that sounds truly chic
Two letters I will attach to them
Best of friends, little T plus M

My product brand is now complete
I’ve called it Hyrdraself Pro™ Peat
It fills each pore like a milky pond
And sets like magic to a solid bond

Better than Botox in application
It doesn’t need a local injection
There is one thing to be aware
It does produce a more permanent stare

Ideal for that selfie face pout
Resembling a wide eyed ocean trout
My cream will help you steal the look
From the latest Vogue fashion book

Also perfect for photo stills
When you don’t want to see those fishy gills
Those turkey creases on the side of the neck
That flop around at the discotheque

In the event that my stock is all sold
I’ll give you a hint worth its weight in gold
I found an alternative just as good
Available from your neighbourhood

Just go into any Bunnings store
And navigate your way to aisle number four
There you’ll find the best deal on the street
For only $7.50, twenty kilos of concrete