New Band Member

We hired a new player for our big brass band
Most members said that he sounded real grand
Voted in quickly through a feeble audition
We weren’t all happy with his sneaky admission

A nouveau stylist of the post bop cool
Most of what he knew didn’t come from school
He tried to play all those funky licks
Perhaps he’d been better in politics

He tried to take the band in a new direction
But every piece he played caused indigestion
He introduced the squeaks of some alternative Jazz
Resulting in the loss of most of our fans

He started promoting on social media
Converting the masses to his musical hysteria
He recorded what sounded like a pinched sphincter
And sent it to the world through his favourite Twitter

Eventually the band split in two
The brass were creating a real hullabaloo
Our reputation wasn’t even worth a crumpet
Because of old Donald’s shrieking trumpet

Another four years down the line
The musical world has turned out fine
Donald’s trumpet is no longer a drama
Replaced by the sax of Michelle Obama