Alternative Facts

They say that news is mostly fake
Opposite of transparent i.e. opaque
But not the tweets from a certain Trumpster
They’re all shielded from the dumpster

The media always takes him literally
But he just wants to be treated seriously
His voters want to flip this riddle
Need an explanation? Ask Mr. Squiggle

The modern way to lead a nation
Is to have more than one oration
For any new political act
Protect it with an alternative fact

This allows authority to select
Any statement to be correct
It doesn’t really matter which
A random choice still makes them rich

Journalists are so naively blind
They really need to be more refined
And investigate like sharp eyed sleuths
To report multiple, alternative truths

Like building a wall is a sign of strength
That will increase the U.S. worker’s wealth
Or keeping cultures far apart
Is a desirable act of the heart

Soon we’ll be clicking our shiny black heels
To the populist world’s latest ideals
The press will be hanging from their galleries
No longer reporting their evil fallacies

Even the team behind Saturday Night Live
Have been banished to an afterlife
Their repeated antics against the Donald
Finally got them severely hobbled

But now it is said that the world has improved
The president’s orders have been overruled
By a ghost that’s settled in the White House therein
An alternative president, Mr. Alec Baldwin