Climate Science

The climate change sceptic says the science is false
But will fly in jets to their holiday resorts
Those magical strings holding that plane in the sky
Are based on physics that they can’t deny

They talk on phones and message by Twitter
Through conceptual aether and mobile transmitter
Refrigerate their food and take penicillin
But view technology with suspicion

The scientist studies not for greed
And not to suck up to any random creed
This is best left to the business of those
That are only interested in their portfolios

The process to measure, analyse and report
Is not done at random and without proper thought
There are no such things as alternative facts
As promoted by politicians with cataracts

The leaders will state that all will be fine
And climate models are there to malign
An industry of coal, toil and wealth
Which can’t possibly affect the earth’s health

The earth is old, strong and large
And can settle its problems and quickly recharge
You don’t need science to intervene
Just more production of gasoline

I believe that pigs can fly
And climate change is just a lie
We’ll simply take the rabbit out of the hat
And this will save the habitat

Science is wrong and totally fickle
It has only gotten us into a goddam pickle
It’s time to correct it without a sigh
So that planes can start falling out of the sky